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Sunnyside Childcare Parental Guidelines for Reopening

  1. The day care will be re-opening on Monday, July 6, 2020.

  2. Our temporary new hours will be from 7:30am - 4:30pm, due to staffing regulations and extra daily cleaning that is part of the new regulations. Our new cut- off time will be 9:00am.

  3. One Parent at a time will bring their child to the front door, a staff member will meet you and take your child’s temperature daily, which will be recorded on a temperature log. At pick-up time, same procedure, one parent at a time at the door, staff will get your child, have them wash their hands before leaving the center and bring the child to the door for departure. If a Parent has to enter the building, their temperature will be taken and recorded also. No other children are allowed in the center except for those who are enrolled.

  4. Parent must have a mask on, the child will have their temperature taken upon arrival. If the child’s temperature is 100.4 or higher they will not be able to attend and will need to leave with the parent.

  5. Children 5 years and younger, no mask is required, considered to be a strangulation or suffocating hazard. Children of these ages will not leave their masks on, with constant on and off causing more of a health hazard.

  6. Parents will not be allowed to walk their children to their class, will need to leave at the drop off area. 

  7. A staff member will sign your child in, on a daily basis. Parent will need to bring their own pen or wear a glove to sign end of the week attendance, End of the week signing is MANDATORY!

  8. Parents will social distance (6 ft.) while waiting to bring their children into the center, this will apply to pick up time also. Parents will enter the porch area on the normal side and will exit on the other (New gate).

  9. Children will wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before entering their class, along with washing their hands all during the day, the children will also wash their hands upon departure from the center each day. THIS IS MANDATORY!

  10. Children will need to bring their own labeled water bottles to be placed in their cubby. No water fountains can be used.

  11. No toys, blankets, backpacks are to be brought from home.

  12. If a child runs a fever during the day of 100.4, the parent will be called, the child will be removed from the class and parent has 1 hour to pick child up. MANDATORY regulation.

  13. Parents who are on 3C’s will need to start paying co-pays on July 15, 2020. FEES ARE DUE ON MONDAYS.